Lesson "oversleeping rice" (TWO.5 to 5 years)

BabyObjectives:The development of muscular matching, the ability to gently poured with a jug into a cup, gain confidence in a abilities.You will wish:A little tray with a glass and a jug, 0.5 filled with rice, cloth for wiping a table.Presentation:Place all of the items listed on a table, so call them and actions with them ("glass", "pitcher", "pour", etc.);With one mitt, gently grab a handle of the jug, and the other - a glass, put the pitcher right in the middle of a glass and pour the rice into it, and now let the baby will work itself - gradually succeed.When the child reaches perfection in rice oversleeping, it will be possible to run a liquid substance, allowing the baby to pour yourself natural milk or juice from a jug into a glass.  Child maintenance. Alike posts:Moms. Can a nursing mother melonNewbornBaby care. Dining nursing momBabyThin hair loss later giving birthNewborn.

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