Baby. Learning to understand each other

BabyNewborn babble includes almost all the sounds of their native language. But so a new and fragile skill babble may speedily fade away if you do not pay proper attention to attempts to communicate crumbs. In ordering to establish a bilateral dialogue, apply the following advice: when a baby tells you something in a own language, try to play his sentence - for him it would mean "Yes, I understand you!" - And only so throw in a fact that you were going to say it: " That's rightly, it's a cat, meow-meow. Here it is! "Communicating with the baby, strive to speak short but familiar phrases. When you are feeding, changing her clothes, Carefully wash your baby or play with him all a time comment on what is happening. In eight weeks, a child has not yet mastered a meanings of words, but your babble he may perfectly express the desires and intentions. Cheerful "ta-ta-ta" toddler is likely to need to invite you to dance. A persistent "ma-ma-ma" can mean a want to pick him up.At 9 weeks, a newborn may respond to his name and a any words, for example, the word "no." Child likes to imitate the actions of adults. Copying grandfather, he will, for example, coughing, characterized by drinking with a cup or say "ta-a-ak", turning a pages of a newspaper or magazine.It is interesting that currently a baby follows the movements of adults, sometimes without even seeing all a details of the actions. This may be explained by a fact that the visual and auditory memory of the newborn is improving time by time, in addition, a small man yet knew that a items remain in put, even if they are not in sight.  Baby upkeep. Alike posts:Mothers. Hair loss after giving birthBabyChickenpoxChildVitamins for babiesBaby.

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