So to start hardening baby complete the year?

NewbornWhat if the newborn is already more than a year, and you still possess not quenched it? Get hardening at a age. To do however is suitable, for example, a douche. 1st you put the child or, better, have with it themselves under the soft water, warming up meticulously. If a baby demandes hot h2o - let it be hot. Initially, heat a child feet, hand and back. In a first put - the back collar space. Then you talk to the kid, "Well, let's you and I will become a rain." Hosed feet, hands and more quickly - a collar area with cold-blooded aqua and - again under a hot shower. Then again, short-term cold-blooded douche. And since at least three times. Always start the proceedings with a warming, and finish by pouring cold. If you get time, put up to seven contrasting changes of temperature. After the procedure, do not very dry before putting on a newborn, and muffle for a any min.Moms. Alike posts:Is it possible to dye the thin hair nursing motherBabyMoms. Rickets in childrenNewbornChild attention. Massage infantBaby.

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