Three versions of hardening children

ChildA 1-st version of hardening. We bathe the baby with normal women's aging body temperature - 36.6 degrees. He is nice and right, he relaxes, feels good. At this time, we are preparing a 1-st dousing him in a jar or other container to ten degrees cooler, ie Approximately 26 - degree water. The baby is taken out of a bath, keep it in a palm back up and hosed him heel 1-st so pour cool aqua of the spine to a head. Then, without wiping, get wet and wrap themselves in a simple and flannelette diapers. Later 10-Fifteen minutes, get to wear it. Any 3 days, cut the temperature of a perfusion of one degree and reach a temperature of the water at a tap. This procedure is normally correctly tolerated by kids. In the beginning of a surprises they can scream, but following warming up in diapers speedily calm, well suck and calm sleep.A second version of hardening infants. During a toddler restroom (some minutes a day) with hot aqua to wash out a buttocks and legs. In this case, strive to keep the feet become warm. Then speedily hosing them with cold h2o from the tap. So, in a like technique without wiping, wrap a child in a heartwarming diaper.Resembling Moms.articles:Baby attention. Vitamins for childrenChildFresh food allergies in kidsBabyNewborn. Massage infantBaby.

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