Moms. Carte for infants

ChildFor a baby under one year old mother's milk - a most healthy, sweet and accessible at any time of the day the diet food. Kid drinks his small but frequently.A amount of milk depends on a level of prolactinTrue When the baby suckles, it affects a nerve endings in the nipple. The signal had with them in the pituitary gland, which is synthesized serious organic lactation stimulant - prolactin.This achieves the maximum concentration of hormone hours. That night feeds contribute to a production of milk for children in the required quantity. Suppose that in the time from 3 to 45 am, he eats 2-3.The kid wakes up at night alone in a 1st any monthsTruth With 6 months, a newborn is not required physiologically night feedings. If of the the age of 6 months, a newborn asks his chest at night, it need be gradually weaned from it, otherwise he would wake up at night for a highly, extremely long time.Along with 2 or three weeks, start gradually accustom the baby to that day - it's time to play and waking, and the night - time for sleep. To do this during night feedings do not involve bright light, do not talk loud and do not play with a baby. Just feed the and put to bed.A kid does not have enough daily feedingsTrue Child unable to eat a lot at a feeding, as the fresh food at night - an integral part of a day menu child. As well at night the baby is thirsty and drinks quench its lightness, a however-called "front" natural milk.During the meal, a child can not sleepTrue If a kid fell asleep upon a night feeding, wait until it releases a nipple, and gently shift it in a crib.  Similar posts:Newborn leaving. Newborn Evolution 7 weeksChildChild attention. Analysis of natural milkBabyMassotherapy for babiesBaby.

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