Child. Monitoring a reaction

BabyOnce the newborn was vaccinated, watch carefully for his well-being. A reaction to the vaccine (drowsiness, malaise, mild fever) - a common phenomenon. But serious complications are rare. In the case, you keep to be ready for it. Even if the newborn had a rule reaction to a 1st shot, it does not mean that he will bring the like and following vaccination.After the injection sit for 0.5 an hour at the clinic. But at home a few minutes remeasure the baby temperature. If it goes up, give antipyretic (syrup or candles) and often suggest drinking warm green tea or strawberries compote. Experts recommend to bring down a temperature of vaccination is at 37.5 C. In approximately cases, it may rise very quickly. Be sure to tell the medical man who administered vaccine, some the well-being of a child.At the injection site usually there is a small seal and redness. This is normal, however do not worry. Just do not forget that the skin in this space may not be wet and comb. Following a few hours anything has to go through.  Baby care. Similar Child care.articles:Newborn. The mental development of a baby: logic, foreign language, numbers,NewbornChild upkeep. Dining nursing momNewbornVitamin for childrenChild.

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