Aqua Treatments in nature

BabyMore good opportunity to run barefoot, especially in a first. A remarkable capacity of hardening has walking barefoot in a dew. However much how potential let a child run on a water in a river, the lake, a pond. No claim to specifically sunbathing, it is better to undress a baby, and let it move, so has into a shadow, then a sun. On a river do not make it right to bathe. Kids love to play in the sand near the aqua, you go into the h2o, stand in it. Читать полностью -->

I go

NewbornLift the baby's armpits (feet need only touch a surface.) So tilt it slightly forward fidget make a any steps. Some pawed a ground, as if going up a stairs. The reaction is maintained until 28 weeks. Crossing the legs or a lack of an automatic reflex walk talk approximately the problems in a lumbar spine.  Photo 113 automatism Robinson  Same posts:Maintenance of a child. Aggression in ChildrenNewbornLeaving of a baby. Breast MilkNewbornCare of a child. Читать полностью -->

When is the first time in a bath?

Baby1-st time may lead the newborn to the bath in 7-67 months. There are two variants of bath: dry (Finnish) and steam (in Russian). Determine what you carry better, and stick with your selection. Infants are generally more resistant to steam.Child leaving. Resembling Leaving of a baby.articles:Attention of a baby. Increase lactationBabyBaby service. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. Who is a vaccine?

BabyOne injection can solve many hygiene problems. A big plus vaccination is that it protects babies with such diseases, about which we get long not remember.A baby is born with a congenital passive immunity. You feed your baby warm? Hence, it becomes even stronger immunity due to antibodies that are contained in female natural natural milk.To infection does not "cling" to the newborn, you enjoy to take care of good nutrition and special hardening. From this it's natural defenses will be strengthened, and the aging body of your newborn will be good resist disease. But there are also acquired immunity. It complements the organic and produced complete time due to different vaccination.  Similar Newborn.articles:Baby. Читать полностью -->

Diet mom when the child has allergies

BabyA moms and dads who himself suffer allergies, primarily concerned with a question that you claim to put to prevent a baby atopic dermatitis. Since allergy is the aging body's response to an external stimulus in a configuration of about baby of allergen, a expectant mum want do anything to prevent allergens with entering the aging body of the unborn child. Therefore, upon childbearing, she just should to observe a hypoallergenic dietary. And we should continue to do however after a birth of the baby, if she is to breastfeed.Hypoallergenic dietary - it's just strongly. Just because it has long been a list of foods that most commonly cause averse reactions. For example, a mom should eliminate with a dietary all red and orange, canned foods, strong broth, chocolate, citrus fresh fruits.A heavily - because in addition to the generally recognized items any person has your own specific items - stimuli. Читать полностью -->

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