As to start hardening child complete the year?

BabyWhat if the child is yet more than a year, and you yet keep not quenched it? Start hardening at any age. To do however is suitable, for example, a douche. First you put a baby or, better, get with it themselves under a heartwarming water, warming up accurately. If a child requires hot water - let it be hot. Initially, heating the baby feet, hand and back. In the first place - the back collar space. Читать полностью -->

H2o Treatments in nature

BabyMuch good opportunity to run barefoot, especially in a satisfying. The remarkable effect of hardening has walking barefoot in the dew. However much however potential let a newborn run on a water in the river, the lake, a pond. No demand to specifically sunbathing, it is consummate to undress a newborn, and let it move, then gets into the shadow, then a sun. On the river do not do it right to bathe. Children love to play in a sand near a h2o, they go into a h2o, stand in it. Читать полностью -->

When is the 1st time in a bath?

NewbornFirst time can lead the baby to a bath in 7-90 weeks. There are two variants of bath: dry (Finnish) and steam (in Russian). Determine what you carry complete, and stick with a selection. Children are generally more resistant to steam.Baby. Alike Mums.articles:Mums. Walk with your newbornBabyAttention of a child. Читать полностью -->

Newborn service. Who is a vaccine?

NewbornOne injection can solve many well-being problems. A big plus vaccination is that it protects babies with such diseases, size which we possess long not remember.A newborn is born with a congenital passive immunity. You feed your child warm? Hence, it becomes even stronger immunity due to antibodies that are contained in female breast milk.To infection does not "cling" to a child, you keep to take service of good nutrition and permanently hardening. With this it's natural defenses will be strengthened, and a aging body of the baby will be consummate resist disease. But there are as well acquired immunity. It complements a natural and produced over time due to various vaccination.  Attention of a baby. Читать полностью -->

H2o Treatments in nature

BabyVery good opportunity to move barefoot, especially in the reasonable. The remarkable effect of hardening has walking barefoot in the dew. However much as possible let a newborn move on a h2o in a river, a lake, the pond. No require to specifically sunbathing, it is better to undress the baby, and let it move, then has into a shadow, then the sun. On a river do not make it right to bathe. Kids love to play in the sand near the water, you go into the h2o, stand in it. Читать полностью -->

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